Resiliency: innate or learned

A colleague recently posed the question, “Can resiliency be taught, is it an innate skill and can it be developed?”

Of course, all are possible but circumstances do dictate the extent to which each is possible. 

If we focus in on the teachable opportunity from the outset a resiliency assessment can be a good way to start the conversation and build a context around the idea of resiliency and how to promote and create a buffer of resiliency to the effects of adversity and toxic stress. 

Promoting the concept of protective factors and teaching self-care are cornerstones in any rubric centered on teaching resiliency. 

Actively teaching these skills can offset any real or perceived deficits in ones own innate ability to be resilient helping an individual develop the insights needed to persevere. 

For more information on 3 resiliency assessment scales click the links below. 

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